Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My grandson Mark finally graduated after five long years.  This Fall he will entering middle school and the sixth grade.

     I don't know when or where the concept of graduation ceremonies for elementary school started, but it appears to be a big thing in Southern Maryland and the teachers and staff of Dowell Elementary School arranged an impressive ceremony that delighted the kids and parents.

     There was music, dancing, and a lot of awards.  Every child was handed a diploma and had their time on stage as they were congratulated by their teacher, the principal, and a line of dignitaries.  And Mark -- poor, shy Mark -- had the misfortune of being the 58th student out of 115 to receive his diploma.  He was handed his diploma and he shook hands with his teacher and the principal and was about to continue down the line when all the teachers and staff suddenly (an unexpectedly) began dancing and singing Big Time Rush's "We're Halfway There."

      Mark looked both startled and confused.  He gripped his diploma tightly as if he was afraid they might take it back before he realized exactly what was going on.  He stayed where he was, uncomfortably at the front of the stage, until the singing and dancing stopped and then continued down the line, shaking hands.  The kid had poise.

     Not only poise, but he also had a perfect report card for the final quarter.  Nice going, Mark.

     And what could cap off such a perfect evening?  According to Mark, pizza and wings.  So that's what we had.

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