Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 6, 2011


A very light week.

  • "John Cleve", Manlib!  Erotic SF novel.  "John Cleve" was usually Andrew Offut, so I figured it would be worth the buck it cost.  This one is is from Beeline Books' Orpheus series and has a disquieting cover depicting a nude girl on a dog leash.  The cover blurb is just as classy.  There is an advertisement for over thirty other adult novels on the back pages, all with lurid descriptions and unpenetratable pseudonyms, but one caught my eye:  The Coming of Cormac by Caer Ged, "The first dirty 'sword and sorcery' book to ever hit the stands.  A MUST for collectors of way-out erotica!  $1.95"  Take that, Jason Momoa!
  • Iceberg Slim, Trick Baby.  Ghetto crime novel, written by a cult favorite who lived the thug life.
  • Franz Kafka, The Complete Stories.  Edited by Nahum N. Glatzer, this book covers stories, fragments, and parables published both during Kafka's lifetime and after.
  • Archer Mayor, The Second Mouse.  Mystery novel in the Joe Gunther series.  Archer Mayor always provides a good read.
  • John Saul, The Manhattan Hunt Club.  Thriller.  I haven't read any Saul in about ten years, so it's time I started up again.

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