Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 27, 2011


  • Jeff Abbott, Panic.  Thiller.
  • K. J. Anderson, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  Movie tie-in.  Yes, that's Kevin J. Anderson hiding behind those obvious initials.
  • William Arden, The Secret of Shark Reef.  Juvenile mystery, #30 in The Three Investigators series originally created by Robert Arthur.  This is a revised edition of Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators in The Secret of Shark Reef; Alfred Hitchcock seems to be missing in this revision.  "William Arden", of course, is Dennis Lynds.
  • Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik,  Harry and Wally's Favorite TV Shows:  A Fact-Filled Opinionated Guide to the Best and Worst on TV.  Reference, I guess.
  • Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos,  Polar Shift.  Thriller/adventure, the sixth novel in The NUMA Files series.
  • Peter David, The Incredible Hulk.  Movie tie-in.  This is from the Louis Leterrier Hulk movie, not Ang Lee's.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Splinter of the Mind's Eye.  Media tie-in, an original Star Wars novel from 1978.
  • Esther M. Friesner, Men in Black II.  Movie tie-in.
  • James Grippando, Born to Run.  Political thriller, the eighth in the Jack Swyteck series.
  • Joe Haldeman, Guardian.  SF novel.
  • K. W. Jeter, Alien Nation:  Dark Horizon,  TV tie-in.  This one novelizes the cliffhanger final episode of the cancelled series and the script for the never-produced two-hour resolution to the cliffhanger.
  • Carol Kendall, The Gammage Cup.  Juvenile fantasy, a Newbery Honor Book.
  • Edward Lee, The Golem.  Horror novel.
  • Patricia Moyes, Black Girl, White Girl.  Mystery novel, #18 in the Henry Tibbett series.
  • Andre Norton & P. M. Griffin, Redline the Stars.  Number five in the Solar Queen series.
  • Jeff Rovin, Fatalis.  Horror novel, with saber-tooth cats.
  • Steven H. Silver & Martin H. Greenberg, editors, Horrible Beginnings.  Horror anthology of seventeen stories, each the debut horror story of a well-known author.
  • Scott Smith, The Ruins.  Horror novel.
  • Joseph Staten, Halo:  Contact Harvest.  Gaming tie-in novel.

     Kitty also scored some interesting books this week: 
  • Elizabeth George, With No One As Witness.  Mystery novel, #14 in the Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers series.
  • Nigel Hamilton, JFK:  Reckless Youth.  Biography.
  • Mark Kurlansky, Cod:  A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World.  Non-fiction.
  • Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlam's The Bourne Betrayal.  Spy novel, Lustbader's sophomore continuation of the Jason Bourne series.
  • William Martin, Annapolis.  Novel.


  1. I hope you didn't pay too much for the Lee. (Never liked Rovin's writing too much, either.)

    Say, did you see that Bill Crider wrote you up in his EQMM column?

  2. Splinter of The Mind's Eye was written before Star Wars was released(I refuse to call it A New Hope). It's evidence to me that, despite Lucas' statements to the contrary, Han Solo was originally intended to be a one-off character. He's not in Splinter, and if memory serves, he's not mentioned either.