Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There's this guy -- Andy Cable -- who says he's not "perverted" or "weird".  That's his story anyway.  But let's consider his "hobby" -- collecting panties worn by women who have acted on (or have been associated with) Doctor Who.  He now has 94 pair in his collection.

     "We all collect things we like," he said, "and I find knickers more personal than an autograph on the back of a plastic cup."  I have to agree that they are "more personal".

     On his collecting bucket list are panties from Delia Derbyshiore and Jasmine Breaks "to complete what he calls his 'pantheon of pants.'"

    File under ewww.

Hat tip to Blastr, which got the story from Topless Robot.

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  1. Extremely kind, to say the least, of the actors involved to share thus.