Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Georges Melies was a pioneer in cinematography, experimenting with camera tricks and techniques that were considered sensational in his day.  Alas, his special effects are hopelessly outdated now.  His films, however, are still fun to view.  Here are five short examples, most of them only a minute or two long:

     From 1904, The Mermaid (La Sirene):

     And from 1896, here's a poor man who found a bug in his bed.  Paging Gregor Samsa, anyone?

     Also from 1896, the hapless traveller shoud take care lest he find himself in the Devil's mansion.  This one has bad some narrration (in French, excuse moi) added.

      The longest of the five offerings today, at about 16 minutes, takes us back to the days of The Arabian Nights:

      And finally, we end with a bit of Egyptian magic beneath the eyes of the Sphinx:

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