Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, December 15, 2019


A holiday tradition in our family is the Tuba Christmas, a gathering of tuba (and related instruments) players to celebrate the season with Christmas songs.  Held in various cities throughout the country, amateur tuba players of all ages come together -- some from quite a distance -- for the event.  The instruments can be highly decorated, as can be the players, and, sometimes, the instruments are homemade.  A great time to celebrate the season and love of music.

Tuba CThis year, thoughhristmas was a go-to event for the entire family when we lived in Southern Maryland.  When we moved to Florida, I discovered the nearest Tuba Christmas was held in Alabama, some five or six hours away by car.  Bummer.  This year, though, a Tuba Christmas was held in Miramar -- about an hour and a half away.  About thirty tuba players met up for the first time, and after an hour's rehearsal, they were good to go. 

The link takes you to this year's Tuba Christmas at the Millennial Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington.   The performance from December 9 has about a gazillion more players than I am used to as well as a vocal soloist.

Enjoy the season.

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