Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Singing cowboy Rex Allen and his good ol' buddy Koko (The Miracle Horse of the Movies) and his good ol' human buddy Slim Pickens disputed timber holdings, flash floods, greed, and murder while still having time to sing "Down by the Riverside" in a flash flood.  Rex Allen plays Rex Allen, Koko plays Koko, and Slim Pickens plays dual roles of Slim Pickens and his mother, Ma Pickens.  Stuntman Fred Graham plays the bad guy.  Also featured are Louise Beavers, June Vincent, John Daheim, and  Chester Clute.  Since this is a Republic Pictures B western, vocal accompaniment is provided by the Republic Rhythm Riders (three of whom were borrowed from the Roy Rogers Riders band). 

Screenplay by Eric Taylor and William Lively from a story by Taylor.  William Witney helmed this oater, 

Saddle up, buckaroos!

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