Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, December 28, 2019


Captain Marvel's new and important venture is The Safety Round Table.  He has called three people to be his Lieutenants of Safety:  Captain Caution, Speedy Ade, and Sir Safety.  (It should be noted the Sir Safety is a pint-sized imp with pointed chin and pointed ears.  He wears a medieval style hat and he can fly.)  All three are dedicated to the mission of fighting CARELESSNESS and promoting SAFETY.  Their  mortal enemy is Demon Danger and he is ready to strike anywhere and at anytime!

In the last issue the lieutenants prevented disaster through careless kite flying near electrical wires.  Parents and concerned adults are sending accolades to the trio but Marvel warns them of rumors that Demon Danger is plotting something new.  And indeed he is.  First Danger convinces a kid to climb a telephone pole, then he gets a couple of kids to climb and electrical tower, then -- to cap things off -- he lets two kids to limb out on a limb over electrical wires.  Is there no limit as to what that dastard will do?  Evidently not, because he next has kids climbing the fence into an electrical substation by having them pretend it is a fort.

Now, granted, these kids are gullible (a three-syllable word for stupid, which is a to syllable word for dumb), but fear not -- the Lieutenants of Safety are on the job, teaching the kids about common sense and caution.

But that's not all!  We also have a two-page feature, "The U.S.A. Way," which helps show us what a great country America is.

And in the Icing-on-the-Cake Dept., we are treated to an episode of The Taylor Family.  The Taylors are headed off for a picnic and Sir Safety comes along to help Mr. Taylor drive carefully.  First Mr. Taylor forgets to signal a turn and crashes, denting a fender.  The he foolishly tries to bet a yellow light and has to slam on the brakes, causing the picnic basket to hit him on the back of the neck and to blow out a tire.    Now he feels he has to speed to make up for lost time; he hits a wet patch and crashes into a hen house.  Once back on the road he gets tired and stops on a busy highway; when he gets out of the car, he is clipped by a passing car, landing in a patch of poison ivy.   Pop Taylor may be a dim  bulb, but he's finally learned his lesson about the importance of safety.  And about time, I'd say.

Enjoy this comic, but enjoy it cautiously and safely, always being on the alert for the hidden gotchas.

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