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Small House of Everything

Saturday, December 21, 2019


My Little Margie was a television show featuring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell that aired for four seasons in the 1950s.  Storm played 21-year-old Margie Albright.  Farrell played her widowed father.  Beginning as a summer replacement for I Love Lucy, it followed that Margie would find herself, like Lucy, in madcap situations.  Margie's comrade in zany situations was her neighbor, the oft-married Mrs. Odetts.  Margie's boyfriend is Freddie Wilson.

The My Little Margie comic book lasted for 54 issues, from July 1954 to November 1964.  The long life of the comic book, extending well beyond the life of the television show, was probably due to the show's popularity in syndication (it was often sold in a package with fellow Fifty's sit-com I Married Joan).

The comic book was geared for girls.  Margie's various outfits were based on designs sent in by readers (who were given credit for the designs).  There's a coloring page, two pages of cut-out dolls, a cartoon pin-up (for your scrapbook), and she even models wedding dresses.  And there are also cartoon stories about Margie.  She causes confusion with a tame bear.  She brings the nervous nephew of her father's boss out of his shell.   She also spends three pages trying on dresses.  Ten of the book's thirty-six pages are plastered with ads.  There's also a story about a Margie clone, Simple Saima, who bops a burglar with a real chair and a pair of cops with a breakaway movie stunt table.  (No. I'm not going to explain how that happened.)

Why not give this issue a whirl?

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