Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Alex Schomburg's cover for this issue shows Judy of the Jungle about to knife a shark.  It's a great cover but has nothing to do with Judy's adventures in this issue. In  "The Treasure of Lobengula!," the jungle is strangely quiet and Judy senses something is amiss.  When her friend, jungle ranger Pistol Roberts, introduces her to Homer Wendt, Judy distrusts him from the start.  Wendt is supposedly on safari helping his friend Bob Marken recover from an illness.  Marken has a map from his brother -- a famous explorer -- that pinpoints the treasure of the long-dead chief of the Matebele, Lobengula -- a treasure worth ten million dollars.  Marken goes off alone to find the treasure and is killed in a remote cave and the map is stolen.  When Judy hears the war drums of the normally peaceful Swamimi, she and Pistol must act quickly to bring peace to the jungle and a murderer to justice.

Mabel-Sugar, the girlfriend of teenager Roger Dodger's dreams is being courted by fancy-pants Ramon.  Mabel-Suger is impressed by Ramon's pedigree dog, so Roger decides he must have a dog to impress her also, so he goes to the pound and gets a mutt.  Mabel-Sugar's father is worried about burglars, so Roger gives her the mutt for a watchdog; Ramon also lends his dog to Mabel-Sugar for a few weeks.  With two dogs on guard, surely the house is protected.  You can guess the predictable ending.

The Black Terror, Nemesis of Crime, must unravel a case of "Double Trouble."   "Careful" Mike Horgan has forced quiet drug store clerk Bob Benton and his young friend Tim to disguise themselves as The Terror Twins in order to cover up his crimes.  What "Careful" Mike does not realize is that Benton and Tim are the real Terror Twins, who play along until they can round up the entire gang.

There's a new Faro table in town, run by Bull Pearson, and just about everybody's winning.  Ranch foreman Rick Howard knows something is off because he never heard of a Faro table that wasn't crooked.  Rick decides to investigate for himself and, just in case, he brings alone his Mystery Rider costume.  There's a reasonPearso is losing so much money and is happy about it...a reason The Masked Rider must uncover in "Bullets for Black-Jack."

Bunny Marchand has designed a gyro-stabilizer that could revolutionize airplane design.  As Strut Simmons tests the new design, thugs try to kidnap Bunny.  Strut comes to her rescue, but the baddies get get away.  The only other person who knew about Bunny's gyro-stabilizer was a shady financier, so Strut sets a trap with the aid of his unknowing friend Torchy.

All this, plus a few features to stretch the comic book to 52 pages.


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