Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, August 19, 2018


In this recording, Ed Hulse (Blood and Thunder) moderates an interesting discussion with granddaughters of well-known pulp writers.  

Karen Cunningham is the granddaughter of the prolific Frederick C. Davis, who created such pulp characters as The Moon Man, Bill Brent, Keyhole Kerry, Mark Hazzard, Ravenwood, and Secrets, Inc.  Davis also wrote as Stephen Ransome, Murdo Coombs, and house name Curtis Steele.

Soldier, pulpster, and comic book legend Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson  wrote military and historical adventure stories for Adventure and Argosy, as well as a number of tales for the air adventure pulps.  Wheeler-Nicholson moved to comic books, producing the first all-original comic book (New Fun #1, February 1935); his comic book company eventually morphed into DC Comics.  Nikki Wheeler-Nicholson talks about her grandfather.

Laurie Powers never knew her grandfather Paul S. Powers, a popular western pulp writer.  In 1999 she came across two boxes of his papers, including some unpublished manuscripts, store in an attic.  Her grandfather was an expert on Western Americana,  Beginning in 1928 he wrote some 440 stories for Wild West Weekly.  When that magazine folded in 1948, he wrote for more than half a dozen other pulps westerns.  Some of his most popular characters were Sonny Tabor, Kid Wolf, Johnny Forty-five, Freckles Malone, and Kid Kolt.  Powers also wrote horror, detective, noir, and romance stories.  He used at least eight pen names, including Ward M. Stevens.  Laurie Powers has also become an expert on romance pulp editor Daisy Bacon.

Enjoy this fascinating program.

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