Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Based on the short story by Theodore Sturgeon, "The Stars Are the Styx"first aired on radio's X Minus One on July 24, 1956.  It was directed by Bob Mauer from a script by Ernest Kinoy.  X Minus One was a science fiction program that used stories that appeared in Galaxy magazine for many of its episodes.  "The Stars Are the Styx" first appeared in the first issue of the magazine (October 1950); the same issue featured the first of Clifford D. Simak's "Time Quarry" [published in book form as Time and Again], Richard Matheson's "Born of Man and Woman," Fritz Leiber's "Later Than You Think," Katherine MacLean's "Contagion," Fredrik Brown's "The Last Martian," and Isaac Asimov's "The Darwinian Pool Room" -- what a line-up!

An albino girl named Tween is waiting for a ship to take her on a ship, one of a fleet that will make a six thousand year voyage, at the end of which a web will be established to enable faster than light travel.  Charon, a old, fat misfit who has lived on a satellite for twenty years, is tasked to pair up suitable couples for the trip.  It's estimated that half the fleet will be destroyed in the journey.  Carrin finds Tween very attractive and falls in love with her, but not everyone finds an albino attractive.  Sturgeon mines his usual themes of love, humanity, and bigotry in his masterful tale.

The Stars Are the Styx" features the voice talents of Patsy O, Bob Hastings, and Craig McDonnell.


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