Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Michael Innes (real name J. I. M. Stewart, 1906-1994, an Oxford academic) began his long-running Inspector (later Commissioner) Sir John Appleby mysteries in 1936 with Death at the President's Lodging.  By the time he ended the series just over 50 later, Appleby had appeared in 31 novels and three short story collections; a fourth collection appeared in 2010.  (Stewart also published 13 more novels as by Michael Innes, as well as 20 novels, six short story collections, nine nonfiction books, and a memoir under his own name.)

The Appleby stories are classic British puzzlers, with literary references and a wry outlook.  Although not read much today, classic mystery buffs keep coming back to Innes and Appleby for a satisfying "fix."

Appleby's End was the tenth book in the series.  

BBC Radio's Inspector Appleby Mysteries aired adaptations of at least two of the books -- this one and Lament for a Maker.  Appleby's End was originally in four parts; all four are combined in the link below, making the program run just shy of two hours -- much longer than other radio programs I have blogged about on Thursday, but certainly worth the time put into listening.


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