Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Heavy on music and light on plot, this black dude ranch musical serves as a showcase for singer Louis Jordan.

Jordan plays himself as a singer and the overworked leader of Louis Jordan and His Timpany-Six Band.  Facing exhaustion, he checks himself into a sanitarium, where he dreams of being at a dude ranch with his band.  In this dream they are Two-Gun Jordan and His Jivin' Cowhands.  Of course there's a pretty ranch owner and good old Two-Gun must save her from the evil mortgage holder.

This low-budget Poverty Row flick was helmed by Bud Pollard (It Happened in Harlem, The Black King, The Horror) from what passed as a script by John E. Gordon (six credits on IMDb and absolutely no information), with additional dialog written by Will Morrissey (his only writing credit on IMDb, which informs us that he was married seven times; since he died at age 70, that's one wife per decade).

Watch it for the music and enjoy.

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