Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Soldiers of fortune are romantic figures who belie the reality of the "profession."  But for young boys in the 50s a soldier of fortune was a glamorous guy with a strong moral code.  SoFs were also glamorized in the 1955-1957 television series Soldiers of Fortune with John Russell and chick Chandler.  Soldiers of fortune had been around in the comic books for many years -- Siegel and Shuster created "Henri Duval of France, Famed Soldier of Fortune" in 1935.  And,,of course, there were Roy Cane's "Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy," Milton Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates," Caniff's "Steve Canyon," and many others assumed the soldier of fortune role.

Soldiers of Fortune #2 brings you such adventurers as Ace Carter -- Adventurer, Captain Crossbones, Lance Lawson -- Soldier of Fortune, and real life soldier of fortune Sir Alexander Mackenzie.  Famed science fiction cover artist contributes two one-page stories about historical figures -- the first, James Bowie, and the second, doctor and pirate Thomas Dover.  Other artists in this issue are Ogden Whitney, Frank Bolle, Ed Moline, Paul Gattuso, and Charles Sultan.


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