Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Adventures into the Unknown has the distinction of being the first ongoing horror comic title.  It lasted for 167 issues from Fall 1948 to August 1967.  I remember reading a lot of issues when I was a kid.

Issue #1 is a Pre-Code dandy and has five --count 'em, five -- stories scripted by Frank Belknap Long.  (Long was a good friend of H. P. Lovecraft and had a seven-decade distinguished career writing in the horror field.  He received Lifetime Achievement Awards from both the Horror Writers Association and the World Fantasy convention.)  Notable in this issue is Long's 7-page adaptation of Horace Walpole's classic gothic novel The Castle of Otranto.


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  1. Frank Belknap Long is an underrated writer. I've enjoyed both his SF stories and his Horror stories.