Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Clock was a half-hour suspense program narrated by Father Time himself.  The U.S. version ran for 82 episodes in the U.S. (November 3, 1946 to May 23, 1948) on ABC radio.  Beginning in 1955 the series ran in Australia for 52 episodes using the U.S. scripts but with completely different actors and a completely different feel.  The American version of the show was narrated by veteran radio actor William Conrad (and occasionally, Charles Webster).  The majority of the episodes were produced in New York but for the last thirteen, the show shifted to Hollywood.  Rather than using original scripts, these last thirteen recycled scripts from Suspense and The Whistler.

The episode linked here, "Nicky," aired on March 4, 1948, and starred the popular, real-life radio couple Cathy and Elliott Lewis.


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