Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, May 8, 2017


  • Brian Keene, Rising.  Horror novel.  "Nothing stays dead for long.  The dead are returning to life, intelligent, determined...and very hungry.  Escape seems impossible for Jim Thurmond, one of the few left alive in this nightmare world.  but Jim's young son is also alive and in grave danger hundreds of miles away.  Despite astronomical odds, Jim vows to find him -- or die trying."  Keene is one of the bright lights in contemporary horror.
  • Don Pendleton, The Guns of Terra 10.  Science fiction novel from the creator of Mack Bolan, the Executioner.  "Bones crunched and blood flowed as cries of alarm and pain filled the domehut.  Then Whaleman was moving fast through the doorway, out into the darkened compound.  Stars twinkled at him through the sweet atmosphere, urging him onward.  Unreality enveloped him.  Several times he fell on the uneven surface, and once he ran at full speed into a low-hanging branch.  but he kept going without any thoughts of where or why.  a long-dormant instinct in Zach Whaleman had risen in response to his original need, a very human and entirely 'natural' response of a life-mechanism in a survival situation."  Pendleton's SF, whether under his own name or as "Dan Britain," will never win any awards, but his pulpish style keeps the plots moving.

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