Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, May 15, 2017


  • Julian Symons, Something Like a Love Affair.  Suspense novel.  "There are times when Judith Lassiter feels content, perhaps even happy.  She is content to be married to a well-heeled architect who graciously remembers  their fifteenth anniversary with fifteen red roses.  She is content with Green Diamonds, the house her husband designed, the envy of their acquaintances.  She is content with her life in the torn of Wyfleet, content with her financial status, even content with her appearance.  The why does Judith write herself imaginary love letters in the solitude of her bedroom?  Why does she take on a very real lover several years her junior?  Why does she believe she can redeem her life only by taking another's, employing the unlady-like recourse of a professional hit man?"  The multi-talented Symons is always a pleasure.
  • Robert Weinberg, Stefan Dziemianowicz, & Martin H. Greenberg, editors - 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories.  Mystery anthology, an "instant remainder" from Barnes & Noble.   Almost half the stories (46, my my count) come from Argosy Communication pulps from 1934-1952; 11 others by are Bill Pronzini under various names; and eight are by Edward D. Hoch (also under various names).  A good "dipping into" anthology.

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