Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 23, 2015


  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich, editor-in-chief, The Young Folks Library.  A collection of ten anthologies published in 1938. These were the first half of a twenty-volume set first published in 1902.  I was able to pick up nine of the ten volumes:  The Animal Story Book (edited by Ernest Thompson-Seton), The Book of Adventure (edited by Nathan Haskell Dole), A Book of Brave Deeds (edited by John T. Trowbridge), A Book of Famous Fairy Tales (edited by Roswell M. Field), A Book of Famous Myths and Legends (edited by Thomas J. Shahan), The Merry Maker (edited by Joel Chandler Harris; the title page gives this subtitle:  Funny Leaves for the Younger Branches by BARON KRAKEMSIDES OF BIRSTENOUDELAFEN), Stories of School and College Days (edited by Kirk Munro & Mary Hartwell Catherwood), The Story Teller (edited by Charles Eliot Norton), and Tales of Fantasy (edited by Tudor Jenks).   [As a matter of interest, the volume unavailable to me was Famous Explorers, edited by Edwin Erle Sparks.  For a list of all twenty of the original 1902 set, go here:'%20Library]
  • [anonymously edited], Charmed Destinies.  Collection of three short novels -- romantic fantasies by Mercedes Lackey, "Rachel Lee" (Susan Civil-Brown & Cristian Brown), and Catherine Asaro -- published as an introduction to Harlequin's forthcoming (January 2004) line of romantic fantasies, Luna Books.
  • "Marc Brellen" (Bruce Freshman), Crossbearers.  Horror.  The scum of New York are being murdered in the name of God; in the name of God, this has to be stopped.
  • Sharon Green, Competitions.  Fantasy, Book Two of The Blending series.
  • Peter Haining, editor, Ghost Tour:  An Armchair Journey Through the Supernatural and The Monster Makers:  Creators and Creations of Fantasy and Horror.  Horror anthologies with 15 and 18 stories (many familiar), respectively.
  • "James Rollins" (James Czajkowski), Altar of Eden.  Thriller.  A modern twist on The Island of Dr. Moreau, with terrorists.


  1. Kind of - it seems to me - a strange collection this week, Jerry. Where on earth did you find those Young Folks Library books?

  2. Richard, I found the Young Folks books in a thrift store near the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland. I was going to pass them by but I saw they contained stories by H. Rider Haggard and other popular authors of the time. For the price, I couldn't leave them there.

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