Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Here's an old-time big money radio quiz program.  How much big money?  Well, the winner scored $25, second place got $10, and third place got $5.  Fourth place?  Well, there's only four contestants so that guy or gal was a clear-cut loser.  But wait!  The clear-cut loser still had a chance to score semi-big:  he got four extra questions to answer for a dollar for each correct answer.  A possible total of $44 in prizes!  Woot!  A 1939 "Woot!"  (That translates to a couple of ba-jillinion-zillion dollars in modern cash, I think.*)

Hosted by Jim McWilliams ("radio's original question and answer man"), Ask It Basket would tke four audience members to be contestants and give them increasingly harder questions.  A simple format that, with some variations, has passed the test of time.

Can you match wits with the four contestants from September 21, 1939?  Give it a try.  You could win $25.****  Or not.

*Math has never been my strong point.**
**Neither has economics.***
***Come to think of it, I have no strong points.  Dang!
****That's $25 in pure imaginary, of course.

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