Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy Groundhog Day!
  • "Lynn Abercrombie" (Walter Sorrels), Blind Fear.  A Cold Case Thriller.
  • Kelley Armstrong, Men of the Underworld.  Collection of four supernatural romance stories.
  • Stephen Vincent Benet, The Stephen Vincent Benet Pocket Book.  Collection of 18 stories and 33 poems, edited by Robert van Gelder.  A pretty beat-up first paperback edition (1946) culled from 1942's Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet.  I'm a sucker for his stories.
  • Martin Caidin, Fork-Tailed Devil:  The P 38.  Non-fiction.  The story the World War II fighter plane and its pilots.
  • Douglas Clegg, The Vampiricon:  The Priest of Blood.  Horror.  The first in a trilogy.
  • Martin Gardner, Fads & Fallacies in the Name of Science.  A classic book on pseudoscience, themed "a study in human gullibility."  This is the 1957 expanded and revised second edition of the 1952 book In the Name of Science.  
  • "Linda Grant" (Linda V. Wilson) - A Woman's Place.  A Catherine Sayler mystery.
  • Laurell K. Hamilton, A Caress of Twilight.  A romantic fantasy featuring L.A. private eye Meredith Gentry
  • Robert S. Johnson, with Martin Caidin, Thunderbolt!  Non-fiction,  Biography of a World War II fighter pilot and the story of the 56th Fighter Group.
  • Daniel Keyes, The Asylum Prophecies.  Thriller.
  • Harold Q. Masur, The Legacy Lenders.  A Scott Jordan mystery.
  • "Jack McKinney" (Brian Daley & James Lucerno), Robotech #7 Southern Cross/#8 Metal Fire/#9 The Final Nightmare.  Television tie-in omnibus containing three novels from the series.
  • Thomas M. Reid, The Sapphire Cescent.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel, the first in The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy.
  • Candace Robb, The Kings' Bishop.  An Owen Archer medieval mystery.
  • Harry Stein, Infinity's Child.  Medical thriller.
  • Aimee & David Thurlo, Enemy Way.  An Ella Clan mystery.
  • F. Paul Wilson, The LaNague Chronicles.  Libertarian SF omnibus of three novels, slightly rearranged: An Enemy of the State, Healer, and Wheels within Wheels
  • John Zakour, The Blue-Haired Bombshell.  Humorous SF novel featuring Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last freelance PI on Earth.  This is the fifth in the series, the first three being co-written with Lawrence Ganem.

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