Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, February 7, 2015


(First off, there's an ad on the inside front cover for an army surplus for an "all-over rain-cover," which looks suspiciously like a plastic bag.  You know, the ones you warn kids not to play with or else they may suffocate.  I suspect this company did not get a lot of repeat business.)

Captain Easy was a soldier of fortune, introduced by Roy Crane as a secondary character in Wash Tubbs, and who then graduated to his own comic strip four years later in 1933.  The strip was discontinued in 1988 after a 55-year run.

As the strip progressed, detailing first Easy's mysterious early years, the tough Southern adventurer and his pal Wash Tubbs began having contemporary adventures.

Eight issues of the Captain Easy comic book were published by Visual Editions from October 1947 to September 1949, numbered issues 10 to 17.

In this issue, reprinted from 1939 strips and most likely done by Crane's one-time assistant Les Turner, Easy and Wash Tubbs are sent to the South Seas isle of Hippa-Hula, where all the native women are said to remain young and beautiful their entire lives; our heroes are expected to retrieve the secret of how this was done.  The two meet up with murder, treachery, a smoldering volcano, a strange religion, and a secret rite.  And girls, lots and lots of beautiful girls.  We're treated to a lot of great artwork, with plenty of comic strip GGA and interesting background layouts.


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