Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 18, 2014


  • Edward Abbey, The Best of Edward Abbey, a selection from ten of the author's books, both fiction and non-fiction, and Black Sun, a novel.
  • Piers Anthony & Philip Jose Farmer, The Caterpillar's Question.  SF novel.  In an afterword Anthony explains the convoluted way the novel came about.
  • Tom Arnett (writing as "Dick Stivers"), Able Team #22:  The World War III Game and #24:  Blood Gambit.  Men's action adventure, a spin-off from the Don Pendleton Executioner/Mack Bolan series.
  • Todhunter Ballard, Loco and the Wolf.  Western by Rex Stout's prolific cousin.
  • Jan Burke, Nine.  Mystery.
  • "Frederick H. Christian" (Frederick Nolan), Stop Angel.  Western, ninth in the series about Frank Angel, a special investigator for the Department of Justice.
  • Reed Farrel Coleman, Walking the Perfect Square.  The first  Moe Prager mystery.
  • John Creasey, The Baron and the Mogul Swords.  A John Mannering/The Baron mystery.  Originally published as A Sword for the Baron under the pseudonym "Anthony Morton." 
  • Lindsey Davis, See Delphi and Die and Shadows in Bronze.  Marcus Didius Falco historical mysteries set in ancient Rome.
  • Jocelynn Drake, Nightwalker.  Urban fantasy/horror.  The first novel in the Dark Days series.
  • Mick Farren, Vickers.  SF.
  • Gregory Fitz Gerald, editor, Neutron Stars.  SF anthology with nine (mostly familiar) stories.
  • Karin Fossum, The Indian Bride.  An Inspector Sejer mystery.  Translated from the Norwegian by Charlotte Barslund.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Dark Star.  Movie tie-in novel.
  • Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere.  Fantasy.
  • Caroline Graham, The Killings at Badger's Drift.  The first Inspector Barnaby mystery, the basis for the long-running Midsomer Murders television series.
  • William Haggard, A Cool Day for Killing.  A Colonel Charles Russell espionage novel.
  • Naomi H. Hintze, The Stone Carnation.  Supernatural novel.
  • Walter H. Hunt, The Dark Ascent.  Military SF, the third in the Dark Wing series.
  • Kathy Ice, editor, Magic:  The Gathering:  Distant Planes.  Gaming tie-in anthology with 15 stories.
  • Arnaldur Indridason, Jar City (also published as Tainted Blood) and Voices.  Detective Erlendur mysteries.  Both translated from the Icelandic by Bernard Scudder.
  • Peter James, Dead Man's Footsteps.  A Roy Grace mystery.
  • K. W. Jeter, Farewell Horizontal.  SF.
  • Diana Wynne Jones, The Chronicles of Crestomanci, Volume I (containing Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant) and Volume II (containing The Witches of Caprona and Witch Week).  YA fantasies.
  • James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel, Freedom Beach.  SF fix-up novel.
  • Andrew Klavan, Man and Wife.  Suspense.
  • Damon Knight, CV.  SF.
  • Damon Knight, editor, The Golden Road,  Fantasy anthology with 19 stories.
  • Mercedes Lackey, The Fire Rose.  Fantasy.  The author's take on the Beauty and the Beast story.
  • R. Karl Largent, The Witch of Sixkill.  Horror.
  • Herbert Lieberman, Shadow Dancers.  Thriller.
  • Jack Livingston, Hell-Bent for Homicide.  A Joe Binney mystery.
  • F. Van Wyck Mason, Trouble in Burma.  A Colonel Hugh North mystery/spy guy novel.  Once upon a time, North was a popular character and Mason was a best-selling author.  Times have changed.  **sigh**
  • Matthew P. Mayo, Double Cross Ranch.  A "Ralph Compton" western.  Compton, of course, is long dead, but his name remains emblazoned in large type on these books.
  • Elizabeth Moon, Remant Population.  SF. 
  • Patricia Moyes, Black Widower.  A Henry Tibbett mystery.
  • "John Norman" (John Lange), Captive of Gor.  SF novel, seventh in the series with a misogynic, male sexual fantasy slant.
  • Joseph D. Olander & Martin Harry Greenberg, editors, Time of Passage:  Science Fiction Stories about Death and Dying,  SF anthology with 15 stories.
  • Jerome Preisler, Homicide:  White Butterflies.  Television tie-in novel.
  • "Ellery Queen," The Woman in the Case.  True crime collection with 19 articles first published in American Weekly from 1958-9.
  • Ruth Rendell, A New Lease of Death.  Mystery.
  • Dusty Richards, Ambush Valley.  Western.
  • John Ringo, Hell's Faire.  Military SF, fourth in the Posteen sequence.
  • Henry Rollins, A Preferred Blur:  Reflections, Inspections and Travel in All Directions.  What can I say?  It's Rollins.  A signed and numbered copy.
  • R. A. Salatore, Homeland.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel, Book One in the Dark Elf trilogy.
  • Christopher Stasheff, editor, The Day the Magic Stopped.  Fantasy anthology with 13 stories.  Packed by Bill Fawcett & Associates.
  • Whitley Strieber, The Forbidden Zone.  Horror.
  • Thomas Wylde, Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway:  Pitfall.  SF, the second in a trilogy.  (The first book was written by Jeffrey Carver, the third by Wylde.)

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