Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 4, 2014


  • Dan Abnett, Eisenhorn.  Gaming (Warhammer 40,000) tie-in omnibus containing Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus.
  • Greg Bear, Dinosaur Summer.  SF, a follow-up (of sorts) to Conan Doyle's The Lost World.
  • Leonard Bishop, The Everlasting.  Fantasy about reincarnation.
  • Campbell Black, The Piper and The Wanting.  Horror.
  • William V. Blankenship, Brotherly Love.  Horror.
  • Ben Bova, Voyagers III:  Star Brothers.  SF.  In case you couldn't tell, this one is the third in a series.
  • Chaz Brenchley, The Devil in the Dust.  Fantasy, the First Book of Outremer.
  • Art Buchwald, Irving's Delight.  "A cat story for the whole family."
  • Michael Cavallaro, adapter, L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz:  The Graphic Novel.  An interesting take on the classic.
  • Glen Cook, Bleak Seasons.  Fantasy, Book One of Glittering Stone, a Black Company sequence.
  • Basil Copper, The Story of the Phantom:  The Slave Market of Mucar.  Comic book tie-in novel, based on an original story by Lee Falk.  This is the second (of three) Copper wrote for the Avon Books series in the early Seventies.  The other twelve books in the series were written by Ron Goulart, Bruce Cassiday, Warren Shanahan, and Falk himself.
  • [Detective Book Club], two omnibuses:  Velda Johnston's The People from the Sea, Michael Underwood's Smooth Justice, & Robert B. Parker's Wilderness, and Velda Johnston's The Silver Dolphin, Michael Underwood's Anything But the Truth, & Robert L. Fish's Pursuit.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, Invaders and The Man the World Rejected.  SF collections with eight stories each.
  • "Lesley Egan" (Elizabeth Linington), Chain of Violence and Nightmare.  The first is a Vic Varallo mystery, the second, an Edgar nominated novel first published as by "Anne Blaisdell."
  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April 1993.  Tony Hillerman's photo graces the cover.
  • Herb Fisher, Doctor Death #3:  Slaughter Island.  Men's action adventure novel.  Not to confused with Doctor Death's featured in the old pulps.  Fisher may be a pen name.
  • Ken Follett, The Shakeout.  Thriller.
  • George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman.  The first in the beloved series featuring Harry Flashman, the school bully from Thomas Hughes' Tom Brown's School Days, soon to become the greatest cad to serve in Her Majesty's army.  
  • Zane Grey, Wanderer of the Wasteland.  Western.
  • Parnell Hall, $10,000 in Small Unmarked Puzzles.  A Puzzle Lady mystery.
  • Cliff Howe, Scoundrels, Fiends and Human Monsters.  Non-fiction with fifteen true crime accounts,  An old Ace paperback from 1958.
  • John Jakes & Martin H. Greenberg, editors, New Trails.  Western anthology with 23 stories.
  • William W. Johnstone, Cat's Cradle.  Horror.
  • William King, The Space Wolf Omnibus.  Gaming (Warhammer 40,000) tie-in omnibus containing Space Wolf, Ragnar's Claw, and Grey Hunter.
  • Louis L'Amour, Brionne, Chancy, The Cherokee Trail, Dark Canyon, The Empty Land, Guns of the Timberland, Heller with a Gun, The High Graders, Hondo, Killoe,  Last Stand at PapagoWells, Matagorda, North to the Rails, The Quick and the Dead, Radigan, The Sackett Brand, Shalako, Showdown at Yellow Butte, Taggart, To Tame a Land, To the Far Blue Mountains, Utah Blaine, and Where the Long Grass Blows.  Westerns all. Also, Monument Rock, a collection of seven western stories, and West from Singapore, a collection of seven adventure stories.  Yeah, there was a box of Louis L'Amours priced at four dollars.  These are the ones I'm keeping; 22 others were duplicates.
  • Barry N. Malzberg & Bill Pronzini, editors, The End of the Summer:  Science Fiction of the Fifties.  SF anthology with ten stories.
  • Mabel Maney, The Case of the Good-For-Nothing Girlfriend.  Gay detective pastiche featuring Nancy Clue and Cherry Aimless.  Great fun.  Maney also writes about The Hardly Boys.
  • Ellen Kindt McKenzie, Taash and the Jesters.  Juvenile fantasy, an ALA Notable Book.
  • Marcia Muller, Cyanide Wells.  A Sharon McCone mystery.
  • Andrew Neiderman, Child's Play.  Horror.
  • Jo Nesbo, The Redeemer.  A Harry Hole mystery, translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett.
  • "Clarissa Ross" (W. E. Dan Ross), Glimpse Into Terror.  Gothic.
  • Michael & Teri Williams, The Dark Queen.  Gaming (DragonLance) tie-in novel, Volume VI in the Villains series.

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