Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Jack Binder (brother of Otto and Earl) did the artwork for the adventures of The FightingYank in this issue.  The Fighting Yank is really Bruce Carter III.  "Armed with the invisible cloak of his patriot ancestor, Bruce Carter III takes up his role of the FIGHTING YANK and enters a thrilling battle in defense of America!"  He's aided by his girlfriend, "good old Joan" Farwell who knows how to operate a steam shovel (and a good thing, too!).

The Fighting Yank began his adventures in Starling Comics #10 (September 1941) and was created by Richard L. Hughes and drawn by Jon L. Blummer.  A year later, he was popular enough to earn his own title.  His cloak, which gave him super strength, invulnerability, and (at one point) the ability to fly, came from the ghost of his Revolutionary War ancestor, Bruce Carter I.  The Flying Yank was one of many superheroes fighting stereotypical (read not PC) enemies during World War II.  He lasted through the Forties and has been revived and transformed several times since he first appeared on the scene.  In 2001, Alan Moore revived the  character only to have him killed off while protecting his daughter Carol Carter, who eventually became the Fighting Spirit.

In addition to three adventures of The Fighting Yank, this issue also features Mystico the Wonderful (who uses his powers of magic for good) and the Rio Kid and his mighty horse Rajah (saving Miss Jeanie's ranch and avoiding romantic entanglements, naturally).


And don't forget to buy those War Bonds, kids!

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