Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Joe Palooka Visits the Lost City (1945)

He may be a boxing champion, but Joe Palooka is an all-American good guy, which is why this 1945 one-shot comic has him in the army.  Private Palooka and his buddy Jerry Leemy find themselves in the Mid-East battling fascists.  Along the way, Joe meets up with a number of friends, both old and new, among them Ibi ben Abou (Benny to his friends) and Queen Margaret Louise Francesca Maria Ursula Stephanie of Borovia (Maggie to her friends), as well as more than a few enemies.  Look quickly and you might even see Knobby Walsh.

With such clean-cut, wholesome men like Joe Palooka fighting for Uncle Sam, it's no wonder that we won World War II.

Of course, Ham Fisher is credited with both writing and drawing this giant-size (164 pages!) comic book.


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