Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 10, 2014


  • Poul Anderson, Harvest of Stars.  SF.
  • David Brin, The Transparent Society.  Nonfiction.  Published 16 years ago, this book focuses on technology's role in the choice between privacy and freedom.  The more things change...
  • Wesley D. Camp, Camp's Unfamiliar Quotations from 2000 B.C. to the Present.  Reference.  Some of the quotations aren't that unfamiliar, but the book is good fun.
  • Lee Child, Bad Luck and Trouble.  A Jack Reacher thriller with not a Tom Cruise in sight.
  • Don Coldsmith, Walks in the Sun.  Western.
  • Michael Connelly, 9 Dragons and The Scarecrow.  A Harry Bosch mystery and a Jack McEvoy mystery.
  • Patricia Cornwell. Black Notice, Scarpetta, and Trace.  Kay Scarpetta mysteries.
  • Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz, editors, American Indian Myths and Legends.  Folklore.
  • Linda Fairstein, The Kills.  An Alexandra Cooper mystery.
  • L. Ron Hubbard, Clear Body, Clear Mind.  Bushwah.
  • Eric Van Lustbader, Black Blade, French Kiss, The Kaisho, The Ninja, and White Ninja.  Thrillers; the last three feature Nicholas Linnear.
  • Todd McCaffrey, Dragonheart.  SF novel in the Pern series.  His second solo novel in the series, but his mother's name is still most prominent on the cover jacket.
  • Todd McFarlane, Spawn, Book 1, Spawn, Book 2, and Spawn Book 3.  Graphic novels.
  • Doug Moench, Batman & Dracula:  Red Rain.  Graphic novel.
  • George Pelecanos, What It Was.  A Derek Strange mystery.
  • Rick Reed, The Cruelest Cut.  Thriller.
  • John Ringo & Julie Cochrane, Honor of the Clan. SF.
  • R. A. Salvatore, Canticle, In Sylvan Shadows, and Night Masks.  Fantasy, the first three volumes in the Cleric Quintet.
  • Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 1:  Dragons of Autumn Twilight, DragonLance Legends, Volume 1:  Time of the Twins, DragonLance Legends, Volume2:  War of the Twins, and DragonLance Legends, Volume 3:  Test of the Twins.  Gaming [DragonLance] tie-in novels.

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