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Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Batman Mystery Club was supposed to be a radio show in which Robin introduces Bruce Wayne/Batman [evidently Bats did not mind his secret identity being exposed to the kids in the Batman Mystery Club] who told scary mystery stories, emphasizing that there is always a logical explanation for the supposedly supernatural.  "The Monster of Dumphries Hall" is told at 103rd meeting of the Club*.  The first part of the show has Batman explaining the solution to the previous story**, and -- like Sherherezade -- Batman adjourns the meeting before the Dumphries Hall mystery is explained.  Kids will have to wait until the 104th meeting of the club to get the answers.  Always keep 'em hanging, that's the Batman motto***.

This was evidently recorded on September 5, 1950.  I have no idea who produced is, who directed it, who wrote it, or who appeared in it.  In this case, ignorance can be bliss.

You might as well listen to it anyway.  It's only 12 minutes, 46 seconds long.

*  Hah!  Fooled you kids!  There were no meeting before the 103rd.  This was a proposed audition tape for a daily show that never materialized.

** Double hah!  There was no previous story for this to be a solution to.  (see note above)  Batman evidently loved to jerk the kids' chain.  Psych!

***Triple hah!  There was no 104th meeting.  (see notes above)  You kids**** are going to be hanging forever, 'cause that's the way this Batman rolls.

****And keep off my lawn, dagnabbit!

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  1. Just for all that, you Joker you, a link to (among other things) the Sun Ra Arkestra and the Blues Project doing their cover of the BATMAN (ABC) theme by Neal Hefti: