Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 3, 2011


Today is Wild West Monday.  More specifically, it's Wild West e-Monday.  The brainchild of Gary Dobbs, author and western fan extraordinaire from Pontypridd, Wales, it's a day set aside to promote the western in books and movies.

     Gary runs The Tainted Archive website, where he is hosting the e-vent. (Hehe.  Get it?  e-vent.  Oh, I'm so clever!)  Under the pen-name "Jack Martin", Gary is also a highly acclaimed author of the western novels The Tarnished Star, Arkansas Smith, and the forth-coming The Ballad of Delta Rose.  He help start a new line of western e-books, helped get George Gilman's best-selling Edge series back before the public, and wrote A Policeman's Lot, a historical mystery novel which places Jack the Ripper and Wild Bill Hickok in Victorian Wales.  He's also an actor; you've probably seen him lurking in the background on such BBC-TV shows as Dr. Who, Torchwood, or Larkrise to Candleford, to name a few.  As a man of many talents, Gary's the real goods.  Enough said.

     Now, as to Wild West e-Monday, Gary will be posting items all day.  Thus far, he's had items on the new True Grit movie from the Coen Brothers,  a great story, Melanie, by "Edward A. Grainger" (the talented David Cranmer), an article by Chap O'Keefe on Black Horse Western's entry into the e-book market, a look at Soltice Western's new e-books, and an article by Charles T. Whipple (aka "Chuck Tyrell") on why he writes westerns.  I'll be checking back throughout the day to see what other goodies Gary has up his sleeve:

While you're over at The Tainted Archive, be sure to check out some of the many older posts there.  Gary's always interesting and his website is a daily stop for me.

UPDATE!  Gary is now offering a free e-book of RAVEN DOVE by Joanne Walpole!  Now you have to click on to The Tainted Archive!

Also:  Gary just announced that his book The Tarnished Badge has been optioned and may be coming to the big screen soon.

UPDATE 2:   Also up is an  interview with writer Chris Scott Wilson and an interview with Terry Harknett, who, as "George Gilman" created the classic EDGE series.

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