Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 10, 2011


I had just two items come in these past two weeks:

  • Crypt of Cthulhu #94, Hallowmas, 1996
  • James Norman, Oscar, Detective of Mars
      Crypt of Cthulu is a small-press journal from Necronomicon Press.  This particular issue contains August Derleth's B.A. thesis from 1930, "The Weird Tale in English Since 1890."  I'm a huge Deleth fan so this made me happy.

     The other item, the Norman book, is a collection of five stories from Fantastic Adventures from the early Forties, and now collected by the wonderful Pulpville Press.  The stories (with their original magazine blurbs) are:
  • "Oscar, Detective of Mars", October, 1940.  "Out of a magician's hat popped the lovable Martian, Oscar, right smack into the middle of a deadly situation"
  • "Death Walks in Washington", March, 1941.  "Oscar, Detective of Mars, was the strangest creature ever seen on earth -- but the lovable little fellow wasn't half as strange as the ghastly figure that stalked murderously out of nowhere to challenge Oscar to a deadly duel of wits"
  • "Oscar Saves the Union", September, 1941.  "An Indian uprising dangerous?  While everybody laughed, Oscar used his sensitive nose, and it told him of an incredible danger to America..."
  • "Oscar and the Talking Totems", April, 1942.  "It took all the other-world science of Oscar, the Martian detective to combat the dastardly Jap plot that lay behind these innocent totem poles in Alaska"
  • "Double Trouble for Oscar", October, 1942.  "Oscar couldn't be in two places at once...Anyway, it meant danger to Fort Knox's gold"

     Neat, huh?


  1. Somehow, this first citation makes me wish for a new ALL HALLOWS to pop up. Or a CRYPT. Or a WHISPERS!...since I'm wishing. If wishes were little magazines...

  2. WHISPERS and WEIRDBOOK were both must-haves for me.