Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This past week was a good one for me and a bad one for my wife ("Where are you going to put all those books?")

  • "John Blaine" (Harold Goodwin) - Rocket Jumper, a Rick Brant Scientific Adventure, #21 in the series
  • Arthur C. Clarke - Imperial Earth
  • John Creasey - The Toff Proceeds
  • Gordon R. Dickson - The Dragon on the Border
  • Robert L. Forward - Camelot 30K
  • Karen Haber & Jonathan Straham, editors - Fantasy: The Best of 2004
  • Ben Hibbs, editor - Great Stories from The Saturday Evening Post, a 1947 paperback with thirteen stories first published between 1942 and 1946
  • Warren R. Murphy & Richard Sapir's The Destroyer series; I stumbled onto 32 books in the series (**smirk,smirk**):  Mafia Fix (#4); Last War Dance (#17); Assassins Play-Off (#20); Deadly Seeds (#21); Brain Drain (#22); The Last Temple (#27); Ship of Death (#28); The Head Men (#31); Voodoo Die (#33); Chained Reaction (#34); Dangerous Games (#40); Firing Line (#41); Skin Deep (#49); Fool's Gold (#52); Date With Death (#57); The Arms of Kali (#59); Lords of the Earth (#61); Lost Yesterday (#65); Sue Me (#66); An Old-Fashioned War (#68); Blue Smoke and Mirrors (#78); Terminal Transmission (#93); Unite and Conquer (#102); Scorched Earth (#105); Never Say Die (#110); Failing Marks (#114); The Final Reel (#116); The Last Monarch (#120); A Pound of Prevention (#121); Disloyal Opposition (#123); By Eminent Domain (#124); Waste Not,Want Not (#130)
  • Don Pendleton - Thermal Thursday, #36 in the Executioner series
  • "Michael Slade" (Jay and Rebecca Clarke) - Death's Door

     The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.  **sigh**


  1. I have the first three Rick Brant titles(after reading about them on James Reasoner's blog; somehow I never found these when I was young).

    Nice deal on the Destroyer series. Was sorry to see it down. Virtually ruined by Gold Eagle at the end, I guess Murphy and Mullaney's efforts to revive it didn't sell well with only four books from Tor.

  2. Randy, there are eleven (at last count) of the series available on-line: #7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. There were 24 novels in the series overall, plus RICK BRANT'S SCIENCE PROJECTS. The final novel was published in 1990, 22 years after the series "officially" ended.

    I had a number of the books when I was a kid and looked at the series as a Tom Swift meets The Hardy Boys hybrid.

    Spindrift Island is a Rick Brant site on the web: