Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Martin Luther King Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January, making it January 17th this year.  His actual birthday was yesterday, January 15th.  I thought I'd would split the difference and post a few musical reminders.

     First, the great Mahalia;

     And Malvina Reynolds:

     With apologies to many of the current residents of Mississippi, here's Phil Ochs:

     I remember hearing the Staples Singers in the 1960's:

     I just like the fact that this song is now being sung by a sixth grade girl; to me, that gives it as power as when Joan Baez sang it:

      I was privileged to watch one of the last performances by Odetta.  Her voice rang true then as it did here in 1965:

     The man himself:

     May his dreams come true...


  1. An excellent set of links (i grabbed that Staples link for a set of 1965 songs a while back)...hey, Jerry, since I don't have an email address for you, would you (or any of your readers) like to join an Tuesday's Overlooked Movies and Other A/V roundelay, starting tomorrow? As with the others of this sort, I hope to have a list of links up for all the participants in the morning...we'll see if the ice storms predicted will have anything to say about that...

  2. I'll be there, Todd, although I should warn you it may be with the most un-PC movie ever made.

  3. That's a Very high bar, Jerry. Looking forward to it.