Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 22, 2011


As Bill Crider might write:  Another Sign of the Coming Apocalypse.  Sarah Palin now stars in Steampunk Palin, a comic book featuring the half-a-governor in a steam-powered future where over half of the half-a-governor has been replaced by robotic, steam-powered parts.  Got that?  The divine Mrs. P., who can get really steamed over rational discussion, is powered by hot air.

     What's cool is that Palin is drawn having a zaftig body that previously existed only in Glenn Beck's imagination.

     I have not seen or read the comic book, so I can't really comment further except to say the thought of handling a steampunk Palin makes me very uneasy.

     A hat tip to Gary Dobbs, whose Tainted Archive blog attempted to warn the world:

A tip of the same hat to SF Signal, which linked to this over at BoingBoing:


  1. Judging from the cover, Randy, not only does the mind boggle, but the breasts bobble.