Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, January 28, 2011


My choice for this week's forgotten books is truly forgotten.  I read the book about 25 years ago and then completely forgot about it.  According to my notes, I enjoyed it greatly, but now I can't remember much about it.  Perhaps someone reading this this can help jog my memory on some details.

     Rue Morgue No. 1 is a 1946 anthology edited by Rex Stout and Louis Greenfield published by Creative Age Press in New York.  My foggy memory tells me that this was planned as the first of a series, although no others appeared.  Anyway, here are nineteen mystery/crime stories taken mainly from the detective pulps (Black Mask, Detective Magazine, Detective Tales, Popular Detective, Speed Detective, and possibly others), with a sprinkling from the slicks (Atlantic Monthly, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Home Companion), and from Weird Tales.  Here's the line-up:
  • The Listening House, Paul Hoffman
  • What More Can Fortune Do?, H. Bedford-Jones
  • It Had to Be, Dorothy Dunn
  • Slay-Mates, Charles Larson
  • The Green God's Ring, Seabury Quinn
  • Gun from Gotham (Sleep for a Dreamer), Robert Leslie Bellam
  • Second Childhood, Jack Snow
  • Cold Figures!, William Hellman
  • The Watchers, Ray Bradbury
  • Manhattan Manhunt, Matt Taylor
  • Dead As in Blonde, D. L. Champion
  • Death in the Tank, Hugh Speer
  • Death Lies Waiting, Roland Phillips
  • Need a Body Cry, H. Wolf Salz
  • Suicide, Frank Kane
  • Midnight Rendezvous, Margaret Manners
  • I'll Slay You in My Dreams, Bruno Fischer
  • Murder Is Stupid, Kerry O'Neil
  • The Cat's Eye, John Van Druten
     Some pretty heavy hitters here from the old pulps:  Bedford-Jones, Quinn, Bellam, Bradbury, Champoin, Kane, Fischer, etc.  To my knowledge, the anthology has never been reprinted.  Abebooks has copies listed going for $9.50 and very much above.  I really need to get a copy and re-read it.  Sounds like just my cup of tea.


     This week's guest host for Friday's Forgotten Books is Kerrie Smith over at Mysteries in Paradise (mysteries-paradise.blogspot,com).  Patti Abbott is taking a well-deserved break and will be back in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, we carry on, or -- in this week's case, we Kerrie on.  **groan**


  1. There are some dandy names on that contents list. I've not heard of this before. It's added to "the list".

  2. Hello Jerry. This week's edition of Friday's Forgotten Books is now up at MYSTERIES in PARADISE. Thanks for participating.

  3. Good line-up. "Sleep for a Dreamer" is a Dan Turner story, I believe. Was this the first reprinting of a Turner tale? Could be.

  4. Still looking at your choices and wondering why I've read so few of them.