Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, February 5, 2021


 From the introduction to this comic book:

"Uncle Sam has a New Hat

"...and so has Tom Mix and his Straight Shooters

"when Nefarious Nip and Nasty Nazi (to say nothingof Me-too Mussy) ganged up on big, generous, peace-loving Uncle Sam -- and hit him before the bell -- they asked for it!

"Uncle got up out of his rocker, kicked his old beaver hat into the corner, clapped on his new-model chilled-steel helmet -- and went to work on them!  And he will CONTINUE to work on them'til decent people breathe freely again.

"That's why Tom Mix, Pecos, Wrangler and even "Pore ol' Wash" have laid aside chaps and sombrerosand are out there in tin hats -- a-fighting our fight!

"Jane does her bit, too -- Little Injun his level best -- and the deeds of Speed O'Dare and Karen Dale speak for themselves.  Even mean old Uncle Amos now serves as an Air Raid Warden (despite the expense) and he can figure interest well enough to be up to his ears in War Savings Stamps and Bonds!

"Meanwhile, American boys and girls are doing THEIR bits, no matter how small they may be -- FOR EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS US WIN -- if it's only to eat the foods Mother prepares to help you big and strong for your own good and the Country's.

"'s to you patriotic Young Americans that the thrills and laughs and the healthful relaxation of TOM MIX COMMANDO COMICS are dedicated!"

The entire gang of the Ralston Purina comic family join together to fight the foe and defend our country.

Tom and his buddies are taken out of the Old West and are now serving in the army (including Wash, the stereotypical comic "feets don't fail me now" Negro) when they come up against invisible Japanese soldiers (complete with invisible tanks) out west.

Uncle Amos checks out some blackout violations and finds himself being "vilated" by an abandoned building.

Jane and Strongbow are wending their way through the Enchanted Forest when they come across the castle of the "Adolphus Mob" and the incpmpetent Nazis.

Li'l Injun tries out for the army.

Speed O'Dare Navy Flyer and Karen Dare are behind enemy lines when they discover a Nazi plot to take over Switzerland.

Plus, facts about commandos, their weapons, and how to train like a commando.

Some fun propaganda combined with your breakfast ceral.


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