Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, February 12, 2021


This is what you get when you combine trading cards, science fiction, and blatant product placement.

The British company Wright's Biscuits Limited was founded in 1791, making hardtack biscuits for sailors.  In the 1950s, their packets of biscuits were being made in a large facotry in South Shields and were using a trademark of a little boy named Mischief.  Mischief and little sister Marie became the stars of a set of 24 trading cards, the same size as cigarette cards of the day.  Mischief and Marie are taken for a trip to Mars by their uncle, spaceship pilot Jet Wright.  The pictures for the cards were painted in nursery room style, but the series tried to encompass as much scientific fact as was known at the time -- not that there was much known about either space flight or Mars in 1954.  Turns out that  things are bigger on Mars and that Mars is a beautiful planet filled with wonders.

I'm sure that it was purely a cioncidence that the uncle's name was the same as the company that issued the cards.  And that a huge crate of Wright's Biscuits was seen neing loaded onto the rocket that took them to Mars.  And that Mischief and Marie were urged to eat as many Wright's biscuits that they wanted because they were "sustaining" biscuits and the trip to Mars was a long one.  ("We love these biscuits...Mummy always gets them.  They're Wrights."  I'm sure that the fact that Mischief's image is plastered on the box had nothing to do with Mummy's preference.)

Wright's Biscuits was taken over by another company in 1964, which in turn was taken over by a third comapany in 1972.  The biscuit factory was closed in 1973.  Sic transit gloria Mischief.

You can follow the adventiures of Mischief and Marie below, and you don't have to eat any blasted biscuits while doing so.

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