Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, February 19, 2021


 A rogue planet is plummeting toward Earth.  A spacehsip from this Planet X lands on the moors of Scotland island with its distinctly non-human pilot  On the island happens to be Professor Elliot and his daughter Enid and Dr. Mears, a man with a shady past.  Into this mix comes reorter John Lawrence.  What are the alien's intentions?  what mischief is John Mears up to?  Will John Lawrence and Enid Elliot get together?  So many questions...

This is a British reprint of the US edition of an apaptation of the 1951 film.  The movie starred Robert Clark, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, and William Schallert, with Pat Goldin as The Man from Planet X.  The film was directed by noted B-movie maestro Edgar G. Ulmer.  The mocie's script was written by Aubrey Wisberg and Jack Pollexfen.

The comic book adaptation was written by Otto Binder with artwork by Kurt Schaffenberger.

Enjoy this little trip to 1950s low budget science fiction movies via this comic book.

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