Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 How did it happen?  How did she get to be nineteen so soon/?  She of the sweet smile and infectious laugh, the little girl whose quiet determination could amaze hardened adults, the one whose beauty is stunning  and whose long, curly hair is the envy of so many?  Covid-19 and 2020 played a few mean tricks on Erin -- cancelled trips to Scotland and Cape Cod and hte inability to spend her first in college on campus and instead taking all on-line courses from Florida State University, depriving her of the campus experience.  (Erin went in as a sophomore, having completed her first year of college while still attending high school.)  Erin is whip-smart and I still remember his disbelief the first time she got a B in school.  Sje's the little girl who moved to Florida and became a "war chicken" in middle school.   She's the one who practiced and practiced and practiced throwing rifles and swords and flags in the air to become one of the linchpins on her high school's championship color guard team.  She's the fleet one whose speed was relied on by her soccer coaches.  And Erin is one who fell in love with Duncan, a little black mop of an animal who thinks he's a dog (and maybe he is) and who devotedly follows her everywhere.  I remember back to Erin as a pint-sized, natural hula hoop expert and as the elemtary school child who had to give herself daily injections of a growth hormone so that she would not be condemned to an usually small stature...Erin who built and decorated her own boat...Erin the tiny and somewhat relunctant member of a swim team...Erin who layed the flute (or was it a clarinet?) so masterfully...Erin the centerpiece of her high school's band program...Erin the curious...Erin the kind...Erin the empathetic...

Erin who helps make life so joyous,

I have written before about having three wonderful granddaughters, each one more amazing and loved than the others.  Erin is amazing and loved.

Happy birthday, darling.

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