Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, May 10, 2018


The Haunting Hour was a short-lived radio program of which little is known.  It was a half-hour anthology horror/suspense program originating out of NBC Philadelphia affiliate KYW.  At least 53 distinct scripts were produced, with a possible another 39 to 52 scripts.  Because NBC syndicated the program, no specific dates can be given for episode premieres; for example,  "The Case of the Lonesome Corpse" aired on Sunday, December 16, 1945 4:00 pm on KYW, and at 8:30 pm the previous evening on Sacramento's KFBK, yet the Tucson affiliate began airing The Haunting Hour as early as June 1945.

Information on this particular episode is also hard to find.  The writer?  No idea, but writers for the series included Max Erlich (The Big Eye, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud), Edwin Wolfe (director of this series and a radio, television, and stage actor), and -- possibly -- Brett Halliday.  Among the actors used in the series were Frank Lovejoy, Jackson Beck, Eve Arden, Betty Furness, and Jed Prouty -- not the really big name actors, but solid, dependable pros.

So, let's join host Barry Kroeger as he welcomes you, "No, no!  Stay where you are.  Do not break the stillness of this moment, for this is a time of mystery -- a time where imagination is free and moves forward swiftly -- silently.  This is The Haunting Hour."


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