Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The Hall of Fantasy started as a low-budget mystery program created by staffers Dick Thorne and Carl Greyson in 1946 at Salt Lake City's KALL radio station.  The series ended about a year later when the two left KALL and went their separate ways.   By happenstance, the two reunited at Chicago's WGN station in 1949.  With a bigger budget this time, Thorne and Greyson resurrected The Hall of Fantasy and evntually achieved full syndication through the Mutual network in August of 1952.

The revived radio show concentrated on horror and the supernatural.  Most of the programs were written by Thorne, who also acted in many of the episodes.  The program announcer in Chicago was George Bauer.

"The Temple of Huitzilipochle" concern two geological surveyors searching for uranium in the deepest jungles of Brazil -- "a country where the veil of time is lifted and the supernatural reigns as king.".  The two are taken captive and marked for sacrifice by a modern day Aztec tribe descended from escapees from savage Spaniards.  This episode first aired on June 29, 1953.

Because the format of the show did not include credits, I have no idea who was in the cast.  That should not stop you from enjoying this half-hour episode, however.

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