Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


No mummy.

No monster.

What it is is an interesting film from the great German director Ernst Lubitsch with early appearances by Pola Negri and Emil Jannings.

Pola Negri plays Ma, a dancer who is kidnapped and held in an ancient Egyptian temple.  She is rescued and flees to London with her mysterious captor following her.  Emil Jannings lays Radu, a mysterious and sometimes comical Arab.  Harry Liedtke provides a bit of romance as the painter Albert Wendland.

(An interesting note and completely off-topic:  Liedtke was killed in 1945 by Red Army soldiers when he tried to prevent the rape of a young girl.)

The tagline for this film was:  "Bewitching Pola Negri as an Oriental dancer who comes from the burning Sahara to capture London society by storm.  All the charm and mystery of the East caught into a passion-swept romance irresistible appeal."

Enjoy this film, but watch out...because "The eyes are alive!"

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