Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 26, 2018


"Along the Rio Grande, the river that borders the south-west territories of the Unites States and Mexico, a tall mysterious stranger, who, accompanied by a large wolf-like dog, appears from time throughout the years never seeming to grow older is known as El Lobo, el hombre a ninguna parte -- the wolf, the man from nowhere.  His habit of quietly appearing in troubled areas where his amazing prowess as a gunfighter earns for him the fear and the respect of the just and the unjust, adds to the legend of this strange man."

Here's an interesting western comic book from Australia.  Written and illustrated by Keith Chatto, El Lobo -- The Man from Nowhere ran for 23 issues beginning in 1956.

This episode, part of a saga titled "The Four Winds of Diggers' Reach!" puts on display Chatto's incredible artwork.


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