Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, November 2, 2017


From June 9, 1950, Chester A. Riley reacts to My Lady Jezebel, a best-selling novel that is described as salacious and meretricious, when he discovers his seventeen-year-old daughter is reading it.  What Riley doesn't know is that his daughter has switched the book jacket with that of Lucy Lawrence, Campfire Girl to be sure that her younger brother doesn't read it.  When Riley invade's his daughter's room to inspect the book, he reads parts of the Lucy Lawrence book and decides the book was not spicy at all.  In fact, Riley is so impressed with the "clean" book, he decides to donate copies to a Sunday school, a local Catholic boys' club, and a Jewish youth center.  And things begin to go downhill.

This episode was adapted from one that first appeared on The Life of Riley television series in March of that year, with Jackie Gleason in the role of Riley.


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