Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


How about a silent oater?  This rare 1925 films stars the great Ken Maynard and Tarzan ("Ken Maynard's pal"), along with "Six Famous Beauties" -- Olive Trevor, Fern Lorraine, Katherine DeForrest, Edith (Edythe) Flynn, Grace Fay, and Nancy Zann.  Mix's love interest is played by Esther Ralston, who had just come off her role as Mrs. Darling in 1924's Peter Pan and would soon be billed by Florenz Zeigfield as "The American Venus."

Claims that the dam under construction in the film was the Saint Francis Dam, which failed a few years later, are questionable.  The dam was most likely the Mulholland Dam, which still stands.

This YouTube clip has been specially restored from the original 52-minute film and logs in at about ten minutes.



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