Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Cowboys!  (Spurs Jackson and his gand of sharpshooters!)

Nazis!  (And communists and Stone Men, oh my!)

Martians!  (And Venusians and Moon Men, too!)

Walter B. Gibson!  (He of The Shadow fame!)

In "The Madmen of Mars," Spurs Jackson and his buddies travel to Mars in 1953 to defeat Nazis who have been hiding there since 1935.

Then in "Spurs Sees Red," Russians are using a flying saucer-like aircraft to spread fear of an alien invasion.  Their big mistake was in attacking a nearby ranch and shooting his Spurs' friend Pops McLean.  (It should be noted that Spurs had yellow hair in the previous story and now has dark hair for the remainder of this issue.  The first tale was illustrated by Stan Campbell; the rest of the issue by John Belfi.)

In a one-page filler, Spurs introduces us to the Jovian bandersnatch and its unique abilities.

We move to a two-page text story (because we need to meet the postal regulations).  It's moon creatures versus Spurs in "Spurs Jackson and the Selenites!"  The story ends with this warning from our cowpoke hero, "And even in this age we must all be on our guard to preserve the liberties of all people in the Galaxy."

In "The Stone Men from Space," the Queen of Mars gives Spurs and his buddies, Strong Bow and Rapid Fox, a flower that would bloom in the desert.  It worked but somehow petrified wood is also  transformed into Stone Men, led by Ag.  They are easy enough to defeat if, like Spurs, you have an atomic bomb.

Finally, "The Menace of Comet 'X"' has the titluar body heading for Earth.  Once Earth is destroyed, the comet's next victim will be Mars.  It's all a plot by Spurs' enemies Korok of Mars and Vodor of Venus.  Can Spurs and his Space Vigilantes save both planets?  Can the villains control the comet's orbit enough to complete their planetary two-fer?  Read it and see, rannies!

Saddle up your rocket ships, boys and girls!

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