Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This first issue of Super-Mystery Comics is of special interest for pulp magazine fans.  Two of the stories are adaptations of tales by two giants of the pulp era:  Lester Dent and Paul Chadwick..

Dent, of course, was the main writer of Doc Savage's adventures under the pseudonym "Kenneth Robeson," as well as many other stories for the pulps.  Here, his story"The Frozen Phantom" (Western Trails, April 1933) has been adapted as "The Flame Maiden."  The writer (possibly Robert Turner) changed the name of the hero but kept the villains name and the plot.  Corporal Andy Flint of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police is investigating reports of crazy men running around the frozen wastes.  His Eskimo guide Bill-Bill has been warned by the "Flame Maiden" to leave the area or face "The Terror."  Andy poo-poos this superstition until he meets the Flame Maiden a beautiful red head who mysteriously vanishes from a cliff.  Nothing frightens a Mountie from his job, even when Bill-Bill is captured and is placed in the "coffin of the mad."

Paul Chadwick (not to be confused with today's Paul Chadwick, b. 1957, known for his comic book work) was the creator of Secret Agent X under the pseudonym "Brant House," and under his own name, the adventures of Wade Hammond.  His story, "Octopus of Crime" (Secret Agent X, September 1934) was adapted for this issue by Robert Turner as "The Octopus Gang."  Magno, the Magnetic Man, "is able to draw to himself anything of metal.  In addition, he can hurl himself through space, attracted by anything magnetic.  With such powers Magno could rule the world.  Instead he chooses to devote his life to fighting evil of all kinds."  And there is evil across the entire nation in the form of an organized gang of crooks led by the elusive criminal genius who calls himself the Octopus.  Who is the Octopus and can Magno stop his reign of terror?

Also in this issue are stories about Vulvan, the Volcanic Man (who is a literal flaming red head), Sky Smith (a flying ace), Q-13 (America's spy fighter), and Larry Hannigan 9American adventurer in the Foreign Legion).


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