Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, September 25, 2017


  • Eric Brown, Helix.  SF novel.  "Five hundred years from its launch, the colony vessel Lovelock is deep into its sub-lightspeed journey, carrying four thousand humans in search of a habitable planet.  When a series of explosions tear the ship apart, it is forced to land on the nearest possible location:  a polar section of the Helix -- a vast, spiral construct of worlds, wound about a G-type sun.  While most of the colonists remain in cold sleep. the surviving crew members of the Lovelock must proceed up-spiral in search of a habitable section.  On their expedition they encounter extraordinary landscapes and alien races, meet with conflict and assistance, and attempt to solve the epic mystery that surrounds the origin of the Helix."  Five years after publishing this 2007 novel Brown returned to this strange construct in Helix Wars.
  • James Herbert, Creed.  Horror novel.  "Sometimes horror is in the mind.  And sometimes it's real.  Telling the difference isn't always easy.  It wasn't for Joe Creed.  He'd just photographed the unreal.  Now he had to pay the price.  Because he had always thought that demons were just a joke.  But the joke was on him.  And it wasn't very funny.  It was deadly..."   Herbert was a major player in the horror genre and I've enjoyed the books of his I have read.

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