Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, September 10, 2017


It's almost 8:15 pm Sunday (Central time -- we're just a few miles from the Eastern/Central time divide) and things are looking better for us.

Irma is taking a more northern path rather than north-western as had previously been predicted.  Earlier estimates had Irma's western edge at Fort Walton Beach (ten miles or so from us), then to Panama City, and now even further east.  Good news for us.

Despite all the predictions, hurricanes can be unpredictable.  Irma is now a Cat 2 and perhaps becoming a Cat 1 as it moves north.  Or not.

We brought in anything that could be wind borne indoors.  Some of our neighbors haven't, so there's a chance various lawn ornaments, toys, fire pits, and whatever could visit us.

Flooding is still a possibility (as is a power outage) but seems remoter as time passes.

Irma has been and continues to be a devastating storm.  The number of properties, livelihoods, and lives that will be destroyed is great, from the Caribbean to the Keys and Florida, and beyond.  Please take a moment to think of and pray for those affected.  If you can donate, please do so.  Cash is usually best, perishables perhaps not so much.  If you do donate, please go online and research what would be the best way for you to give.  I don't want you to be scammed out of your cash or to have your donations sit in some warehouse and never get to those who need it.  Another advantage to cash:  there will be a lot of rebuilding to do and using local supplies and local help can go a long way in helping the local communities.

And keep a good thought for the responders -- those involved in rescue, in shelter, in protecting persons and property, in saving pets and wildlife, in keeping or restoring essential services, and in providing comfort.  Good and neccessary people all.

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