Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Once again, Captain Midnight braves overwhelming odds for the cause of justice.

  • Fangs of the Werewolf  -  "A vast underground network of Nazi resistance fought on in defeated Germany!  It was Captain Midnight's job to uncover this werewolf menace, and, in doing so, restore honor to a valiant American boy!"
  • The Ice Cream Plague of Palmyra Island  -  "When production of vital anti-bomb nets is suddenly curtailed on Palmyra Island, trouble shooting Captain Midnight is confronted by and amazing and horrible menace...time:  during the  a secret American base in the Pacific Ocean"
  • "Captain Midnight and Chuck sometimes go far afield in their constant search for scientific oddities but seldom have they traveled so far, and never have the dangers been as fierce, as when they journey to South America, in search of the 'Flying Dinosaur'!"
And there are a number of filler stories, including "Sgt. Twilight's Last Round Up" and Johnny Blair in the Air's "Night Ride".

What I found really interesting were a couple of the advertisements:
  • In an ad for Daisy Air Rifles, Little Beaver recites the ten rules in the Sportsman's Safety Club to Red Ryder:  "Me will never point-um gun at anything me not intend to shoot-um.  Me will never load-um gun when muzzle is pointed at anybody.  Me will never cock-um gun or pull-um trigger just for fun.  Me will never shoot-um at object which make bullet bounce-um off.  Me will never handle gun without first take-um peek to be sure gun is empty.  Me will never carry my gun while it is cocked of off safety -- you betchum.  Me will never shoot-um at song-bird, illegal game or live tree, me think-um.  Me will never shoot-um at anything before me make-um sure me not injure something if me miss-um target.  Me will always be plenty careful when climbing through fence by point-um gun muzzle through fence first.  Me will always clean and oil-um me gun pronto after using it."  Sage advice.
  • An ad calling for kids to join Captain Midnight's "Share Thru CARE Corps" by starting a 15-15 Crops and "Help Captain Marvel Answer Europe's Children's SOS."  It's easy and you can be president of your 15-15 Corps!  "Get all your friends to contribute 15c or more to join your Corps whose object is to raise $15 for one CARE package -- 49 pounds -- the kind the army gave its parachute teams to keep them strong.  I will send you members' buttons FREE when your check is received -- one for each member and a beautiful CITATION scroll for you, the President.  Each Corps competes with each other.  For each additional Food Package your Corps sends I will give you an OAK LEAF to add to your citation.  When you get FOUR OAK LEAVES on your citation you get a CAPTAIN MARVEL GOLDEN CITATION.  The President of the Corps sending the greatest number of Food Packages will speak on Short Wave Radio with a boy in Europe that his Corps has fed -- on Perry Como's CHESTERFIELD SUPPER CLUB PROGRAM on N.B.C."  The food packages would be going to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, France, Germany: American (Zone), and Germany:  British (Zone).  Sorry Germany:  Russian (Zone).
Take a trip back seventy years in time and enjoy this issue.

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